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Abyssinian Welfare

Our National Welfare Co-ordinator is Dorothy Harley
Tel: 01259 750576
In all instances, enquiries should be made to Dorothy on the above telephone number
Dorothy has a team of local welfare representatives who she will contact should this be necessary.


The Welfare of the Abyssinian cat is our prime concern.  The Abyssinian Cat Association has a Benevolent Fund which depends entirely on small donations and provides financial support to care for distressed Abyssinian cats in emergency situations.  

  • maintain a central register for lost, found and abandoned Abyssinians, details of which are published on this page from time to time.
  • sometimes have information available on rescued Abyssinians that are not claimed, or which are released into our care by their owners, whose circumstances have changed, meaning they can no longer look after them.
  • maintain a list of people wishing to give an adult rescued Abyssinian a home.
  • welcome communication with other rescue organisations, pedigree or non-pedigree, and would ask that they contact Dorothy if an Abyssinian Cat is taken into their care.  
    We may have someone on our re-homing register, within the area, who we could ask to contact you.

Great care is taken to match cats and new owners as closely as possible, so be prepared for a long chat. Some of these cats, through their experience, may be traumatised and timid, so a home with patience and kindness is essential. Before a cat is re-homed it is checked by a vet, spayed/neutered if necessary and given all the necessary vaccinations. These costs are usually passed on to the new owner by way of a donation either to the Abyssinian Cat Association, if we have funded the re-homing, or directly to another rescue organisation if we have merely offered an introduction